About Us

Intelligent Planning Forum (IPF) is a joint venture by a group of experienced and most sought after faculty in the field of JEE(Advanced) and NEET training. We have programs for aspiring students of various classes to find out the best scientific talents and nurture them to fulfill their dreams.The classes here are not just about supplementing lessons within the syllabus. The coaching is highly advanced and intended only for highly enthusiastic and exceptionally talented students. It aims at inculcating in the student the faculty of resolution, deeper understanding, quick response and executing them with perfection.

To be one of those who succeed in highly competitive exams like JEE(Advanced) and NEET needs a lot of concentration, commitment and sacrifice. In today’s competitive world, for creating excellence the student has to stay ahead not only his/her competitors but also his/her own excellence.

Our Mission


IPF aims at consistent and comprehensive coaching for competitive examinations. We follow a methodology that enables students to tackle onerous objective type problems hand in hand with strengthening of fundamental concepts.

Our Visions


We trigger the minds of our students to think about the concept behind the problem and solve it rather than handing them the solutions directly. This instills an interest in the subject and a never ending thirst for knowledge in the minds of our students.

Why choose IPF?

  • Well experienced, consistent and dedicated faculty.
  • Highly rigorous and relevant courses that place you ahead of your peers in the competitive world
  • Personalized attention and indiscriminate teaching irrespective of your performance and efficiency.
  • The only institute in Kerala coaching students for KVPY and OLYMPIADS
  • Regular tests, progress monitoring, performance analysis and feedback for your improvement
  • Full academic support even outside the classroom
  • Competitive environment and friendly atmosphere
  • Timely completion of course along with best quality teaching.